Christmas story “Lost Christmas”

There once was a little girl. She looked forward at Christmas but there was a rumor spreading in town that christmas was canceled this year.
The girl was so sad
Christmas is her favourite time of the year.
So she decided to visit Santa Claus
To ask what happened
But there was one problem.
She didn’t know how to get to Santa Claus

Hoofdstuk 1

“Honey! Dinner is ready!” My mother yells.
“I’m comming” I reply.
I walk to the kitchen and sit down on a chair by the table.
My mother puts some meat and vegatables on my plate.
I’m looking down at my food, I’m thinking. Than I look at my mom.
“Mum?” I ask.
“Yes honey?”she replies.
“Is christmas really cancelled?”
“Of course not… Uhm… Eat your food,” Says my mum with a nervous face.
“No, mum. I would Like to know the truth.”
“Honey, Listen to me. I don’t know if it’s true. Maybe it’s just a rumor. Tomorrow is your father back home, ask it your dad,” says my mum.
“No! I want to know now! Dad is never home!”
“Just keep your mouth and eat your food” commands my mum.”No!” I say angrily.
“Because?” Asks my mother. “I’m not hungry! You stupid mom!” I yell.
I put on my shoes and jacket. Open the door and ran, ran as fast as I can. I hear my mother yelling something but I dont know what she’s actually saying. I just keep on running…

Hoofdstuk 2

The snowflakes fall down slowly.
It is very cold and dark outside. I stop running and keep on walking.
Finally I come across a village.
I ask a man at the market where I could find Santa Claus.
But the man just laughs and says that he doesn’t know. I look at him strangely and continue walking trough the Christmas market.
When I continue walking I see a chocolate stall.
My stomach growls.
I order some hot chocolate. But when the man asks for the money I realise that I didn’t bring any money with me.
I say quietly that I don’t have any money.
Then the man says aggressively:”Who is paying for it then?”
I’m almost crying until all of sudden a strange man comes and says:”I’ll pay it”.
The man from the chocolate stall asks:” Are you her guardian? Well it doesn’t matter, at least I get my money” I put my lips on the edge of the Cup. Mmhh.. hot chocolate, delicious! “Thanks a lot” I say to the man But when I turn around the strange man is gone
“I wonder who that was” I think.

Hoofdstuk 3

I look around me, I can’t find the man. Maybe it’s time to go. But I don’t know where to go. I walk around the town before I’m leaving.
Suddenly I see a police car, there are two men coming out of the car. A big man and a skinny little man. I wonder what happened. The big one starts talking:”Have you seen this girl on the picture? He asks a women.
“Let me see,” she says. “No, I’m sorry. I have never seen that girl before”
“Alright, if you see her here please inform me” says the big police man.
They ask more people if they have seen this girl, but no one knows her or has ever seen her before. The men are talking to each other. I decide to eavesdrop them. I sneak behind the small houses, closer to where the men are standing. I slip between the last two houses, at the corner where the two men are talking. I can hear it. But I need to be really quiet. “I don’t get it, where could this girl be?” Says the big man. “I don’t know, maybe we just need to hang up posters on the wall” answers the skinny little man. I see that the men are hanging up posters, but I can’t see who is on the posters. Than I see that the men are walking closer. I slip through the houses. It’s a narrow path. In the rush I scrape my forehead on the wall. I think that it doesn’t matter i just need to run.
I reach the end of the narrow path. My forehead is bleeding. I see the policemen getting in the car. I walk closer. I see my mother in the police car. It looks like her eyes are looking at me. The car drives away. Did she see me? Did my mother see me? I need to get away from here.

Hoofdstuk 4

I ran away without looking back. My Eyes where filling with tears. Finnally I was out of the market, but I kept on running. “Where am I going to?” I asked myself. I was still running when I came out of the village and ran on forward. I ran into the forest. I stop with running, it’s so cold. My shoes are wet and my fingers are frozen. I wanna sleep. I began to walk. In the distance I see someone. It’s the man from the choco stall. He has got some wood under his arm. I hear the sound of a wolf. The man looks up. He looks me straight in the Eyes with a sturn look on his face. It’s Like he wants to say That he hates me. He drops the wood and Walks slowly but with enormous steps. A shiver went down my spine. I’m looking at the man frightened. “What should I do?!” I look around for a place to run. But before I see a place to run to the man grabs my arm.
The man drags me along. I’m trying to screem, but there’s no one who hears or sees. Where is he taking me to? I try to break free, but i’ve got no power. I’m so tired. I close my Eyes. The man pulls on my arm “Open your eyes!” he yelles. I open my eyes. “help!” I start to scream again. “Shut up!” Yelles the man. I scream again. The man pulls a knife on my throat. I stop screaming. The sweat runs across my forehead.

Hoofdstuk 5

I stop with screaming. The man puts the knife away.”Look, I don’t want to hurt you. I need your help”
“What.. why?” This is so crazy. I don’t trust him.
“Have you heared the rumor of Santa Claus?” He asks me. His voice sounds a lot friendlier. “Yes, I have… But why do you want to now that?” The man let my arm loose, he Walks a bit away from me and closes his Eyes. “Because… I’m his brother.” I’m staring at him “what?! Are you serious! Do you know where he is?” He walks back to me, and falls down on his knees in front of me. “No, I don’t know. But I’m going to find him. Believe me. But I need your help. ” the man looks me in the eyes. After a few minutes I look away. “…What can I do?” The man stands up and begins to walk. “First we Will sleep. Tommorow Will be a long day.”The man stops walking and turns around. He looks at me.
“Come and follow me, i’ve got a little house here in the forest. After a few seconds I walk after him. Its a long way to his house. But finally is see in the distance a little house. Now its a straight path, whe only need to go over a little river with a bridge. The house is made from wood and it looks very cute and save. The man picks up some wood out of a box and opens the door. He walks inside. I follow him After a fast look in the house. I’m a little bit scared but I know I can trust him. It’s dark inside. I look around me searching the man. Finally I find him in a room. He’s trying to make a fire in a fireplace. Finally there is a little flame. “We need food. Time to go hunting.” Says the man. “Hunting? Are we going to kill animals?! Ow, that’s sad. Can I eat vegetables?” The man walks to a closet and opens it. I can’t see what is in the closet. The man pulls out a shotgun. “Let’s go” says the man with a hungry look. “Maybe it’s better if I stay here” I say. “No, I can’t leave you alone here, that’s to dangerous” and the man walks out of the wooden house. I don’t want it. But I’m hungry. I follow the man out. He loads his gun and walks into the forest. He sees a little wolf in the distance. The man points his gun at the little wolf. I take a step backwards. The man shoots..

Hoofdstuk 6

“Damn, I missed”. The wolf runs away. “Come, we are going after that wolf!” Says the man. The man begins to run. “Wait for me!” I yell. But the man was too fast. I couldn’t catch up with him. I wanted to yell his name. But I forgot to ask his name. “Wait!” I yell again. I hear the sound of a wolf and a shot. But i can’t find the man. *pant* *pant* “Where in the world did he go?”
I look around me.
“Huh, but where am I?”
I hear the sound of a wolf again. But no shot… oh, and again, the sound of a wolf. What’s wrong? I turn around. Oh no,
There are a couple of wolves running toward me
I need to run but my knees are too weak.
“I’m scared!”
The wolves are running so fast. I want to scream and run. But I can’t. I’m to tired and hungry. Is this the end?
The wolf jumps. I can see the place where his heart is. But then the wolf falls down. I’m looking down at the wolf. An arrow comes out of his back. Then I look up. That’s the man who paid for me…


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